SMS Gateway for Developers

SMS Gateway for Developers

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Look at what I found on the Internet js,

I was in the search of a Developer friendly SMS gateway to test out SMS integration for a mobile app that was in the making for the First ever Javascript hackathon in Colombo (

Initial research resulted in evaluating @tropo, two and nexmo. But, I wanted something easier and won’t cost me a fortune while I was in development.

Then I found an awesome app in the Google Play Store name SMS Gateway API. Which give you the opportunity to call a REST service which will eventually trigger the SMS event on the Android phone that I have the app installed and configured. And all the text messages will be sent through my mobile phones telco provider.

Below are some links for the resources.

  1. Link —

  2. API Doc’s — ( Use the v2 since the links in the API seem to be broken )

  3. Working samples — PHP, JS

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